As a paranormal investigator proof of the existence of spirits is required for me to actually believe. Through the efforts of my team and myself obtaining that proof, I’am now a believer. Along those lines, the requirement for me to believe in psychics and mediums can only come one way. They need to prove to me that they are able to read into the past. Julia Drahos has done just that. While investigating a historic location,Julia was present with me and another investigative team mate. The history of this location is available online,BUT the personal history is not. I knew of the personal inside information,but Julia was unknowledgeable. While sitting in one of the rooms where a good deal of this information occured, Julia was able to read into most of those events that occured in that room. All she communicated with us was remarkably on target. While it helped validate the information that has been passed down to the owners it also helped me gain respect for mediums.

– Arra Mowry, Wappingers Falls, N.Y.

Julia has an exceptional gift that very few people have. I recently had the opportunity to get a reading with her and what happened was truly moving and powerful! I was able to connect with my loved ones and with my dad. It helped give me peace and clarity to know that my dad was okay. I believe in Julia’s gift, she communicated things that onlymy family knows. Julia is the real deal! I highly recommend her if you are seeking guidance.

– Yvette Laboy  New York, N.Y.

I want to say thank you for the incredible reading. My nephew came through and i relayed all the information to my brother and his wife. Most of everything was “spot on” They figured out a few things that i did not know. You said there was something “wrapped up”  and you mentioned a license plate-he has a few items wrapped in a bag that was on  him  when he was hit by the car. The square ring was an item that was made by his grandma and my brother has it on a chain that belonged to him,he wears it always and never takes it off.  The red small item at the gravesite is a red fish. My sister inlaw knew what it was. Even  though it was coming through like a small red car,you did say a small red item. I think you incredible! I thank you once again. Your house is beautiful and admire you for preserving such history.

Gayle Turowski

I think that Julia is very modest with reguard to her mediumistic abilities. I have been to several group readings at Miss Fanny’s with my husband and friends. Julia has brought us very comforting messages and very accurate descriptions of our departed friends and relatives, individuals that were known to more than one of us.I want to espcially thank her for a communicationlast year from a friends father that had just recently passed.

Gail Newcomb-Rockland County N.Y.

Just Wanted to say thank you again. I had a reading with you on Sept.14th at Scare-a-con. You were pretty spot on with the reading. Just wanted to let you know

– Don R. Saratoga N.Y.

I would like to thank you for all the comfort you are passing around.We are all talking about you,God  bless you for all the wonderful work you are doing.

– Sincerely, Mary N. Hyde Park N.Y.