Can We Improve Our Own Psychic Abilities?

I believe that each of us has innate psychic abilities. Some people have a more developed awareness of their powers than others. Steps we can take to improve our spiritual powers include positive thought, meditation, concentration and visualization. I feel that it’s also important to both recognize and journal your thoughts that may appear as intuitions, hunches or coincidences in order to determine a pattern.

In addition to the right mental state, I also believe that there’s a certain physiological state that is more conducive to a heightened psychic or spiritual awareness… that is a condition in which our bodies are well balanced energetically.

Readers of this article are likely aware that the new Quantum Science has brought mankind a profound understanding that material substances such as our bodies are composed not only of observable matter, but at a much deeper level, an electrical energy field. The power of this electrical field directly influences the vibrational frequency of the cells in our bodies.

As an example, you may be aware of the energetic feeling you get at the sea shore as waves crash upon the beach… or when you sit by a waterfall. This is due to the power of electrical charge as negatively-charged electrons are freed from water molecules by the turbulent motion.

In order to create an abundant and balanced energy field within our bodies, I feel that it’s crucial to pay attention to what substances we put into them. We’ve all heard of alkaline diets and anti-oxidants. These are ways to balance the acidity of everyday life… acidity caused by physical, mental and dietary stress.

Just a little bit of science here: Our bodies were designed to be generally alkaline, most importantly in the blood and cellular fluids. Stressors create free radicals (positively-charged particles). These are substances (molecules) that are missing one or more electrons. They are said to be oxidized.

Antioxidants are substances, like vitamins, which neutralize these damaging free radicals. They do this by donating their excess electrons to the free radicals which are missing electrons.

Aging and dis-ease is thought to be the gradual process of oxidation. So it behooves us to keep up our cellular energy and vitality by putting the right things in our mind and our bodies. Oxidation also adversely affects our abilities to communicate energetically with others, thus deteriorating our psychic nature. As oxidative damage builds up on our cell membranes, it becomes more difficult for nutrients to enter and wastes to exit the cells. This creates higher acidity, less oxygenation and lower vibrational frequency throughout our bodies.

Oxidation also damages our pineal gland, known as the “third eye”. This tiny pine cone shaped gland, located at the center of our skull behind our eyes is activated by light and produces the hormone melatonin, which is responsible for our wake/sleep patterns. While its functions have only recently begun to be understood by modern science, it has long been considered by metaphysical practitioners to be the gateway to the spiritual realm. When activated, it is believed to open our “6th sense”, thus becoming the window to higher planes of consciousness. It is therefore critical to keep this gland operating at peak efficiency in order to keep this gateway open. Clearing cellular toxins and keeping the cell membranes free of oxidation damage is essential to proper functioning of this and any other organ.


In my continuing efforts to explore new modalities to improve upon my own psychic powers, I have made a very profound observation…

If we consider what we are mostly made of, we find that this is simply WATER. Water is the common element which connects us to the earth, the other animals and plants. The amount of water on the earth has been the same for millions of years… it just keeps changing forms and locations. Here’s an interesting thought: Some of the water in your body right now (about 10 gallons for a 150 lb person) may have circulated in the blood of a dinosaur.

Water is considered the universal solvent. Water contains physical matter such as minerals as well as energy. Therefore, if we could consume clean water with energetic structure, we could influence our entire body relatively quickly and efficiently.

I have tried various waters over the years and have noticed the differences. For instance, spring waters are generally more mineralized and therefore more alkaline. Distilled and reverse osmosis waters are de-mineralized and very acidic. Most bottled waters are filtered municipal supply water and acidic. I’ve measured acid-alkaline balance (pH) and oxidative levels with simple testing equipment. I’ve found all of the above waters to be oxidative (positively charged). In other words, they tend to increase oxidation and free radical damage of the cells. Then there’s the problem of plastic bottles, which tend to leach petrochemicals, as well as create a huge environmental problem with regard to disposal.

It wasn’t until I tried “reduced” water that I began to notice a significant difference. This is water that has an excess of electrons (antioxidants) and a measurable negative charge. This water is widely understood and used in Asia, specifically in Japan where the technology for producing it was developed (it’s actually used in their medical system).

I have found that in the past few months, since I have been regularly consuming this type of water, I am having increased energy, clearer thoughts and improved spiritual connections. People with whom I’ve shared this with have noticed all sorts of mental and physiological improvements. I believe that the antioxidant value, higher alkalinity and higher vibrational frequency of this water are responsible for this change.

I encourage every critical-thinking person to at least give this type of water a try. I would really appreciate feedback, so please contact me to discuss this further. I have done lots of research on this subject and will continue to post articles as I uncover new insights. I feel that this is the key that unlocks the door to heightened psychic sensitivity and physiological well-being.

Yours in True Spiritual and Physical Health,
Julia Drahos

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