Haunted Collector

Haunted Collectors at Miss Fanny's

Haunted Collectors at Miss Fanny’s

John visits with a family that says they’ve had objects hurled at them, heard loud knocking, and ghostly voices calling their names at night, and Julia has seen the apparition of a large man disappear into a wall. Does this sound like real paranormal activity? Yes. it does! There may be more than one spirit seeping through the walls of Miss Fanny’s Victorian Party House. As an avid antique collector, it is not shocking that something ghostly may have followed her home.

As seen on Haunted Collector, Haunted Historian, John Zaffis helped Julia find one source of energy that permeated the centuries-old Victorian house with a presence that would not  go unnoticed.  Little did Julia know that her obsession for collecting all things lovely and obscure would disrupt family life in her historic home.

Casket Plate of Lucy D. Perrin

Casket Plate of Lucy D. Perrin

A horrendous fire destroyed a portion of the estate, formally known as the Van Wyck home (circa. 1870).  Upon an interior inspection, it appeared as though a late 18th century house was constructed on this site with later 19th century additions. The basement has a cistern and hand hewn beams in the older section of the house.  Unbeknownst to Ms. Drahos, the Haunted Collector team would unearth the dark history behind the usual happenings in her home; possessing a strong correlation to the previous fire.

The team identifies a source of energy beaming from an ornate silver plate hanging on her wall. Some may think it’s is unusal to collect casket plates. However, most collectors do so in with the idea that they are saving this past. A casket plate was used to identify the caskets that sat in receiving vaults waiting the the spring thaw and then put to their  final rest. Was it a coincidence or fate that the casket plate of Lucy D. Perrin (1872) would rest on the wall of Julia’s home to be found by the Haunted Collector?


Lucy D. Perrin

Lucy D. Perrin had died tragically in a house fire caused by an unattended candle. The Van Wyck house was rebuilt using recycled wood from a previous house fire. Was Lucy trying to make her way back home? We  may never know. However, Lucy’s casket plate was returned back to her, so that she may now rest in piece.

Grave of Lucy D. Perrin

Grave of Lucy D. Perrin